At Carolinas Veterinary Medical Hospital, we offer a range of products and services to our customers to help them keep their pets healthy and happy. One of the wellness services we currently offer is vaccines. These vaccinations help prevent infection of viruses and other diseases and reduce their spread. We are proud to service the residents in and around the Charlotte, NC area. We also serve Matthews, NC, Gastonia, NC, Indian Land, SC, and Fort Mill, SC. 

A Range of Services 

We offer a range of services, including wellness services such as vaccinations and exams. These pet wellness options are designed to allow your vet to monitor your pets' health and detect any new developments that need observation or treatment. If your pet is healthy, he can also get his vaccinations after the wellness exam. Pet health is a primary focus when caring for them, which is why you should work with our veterinary hospital with a range of veterinary services under our roof. 

The Importance of Vaccinations

There are many dangerous viruses and communicable diseases out in the world that can infect your pet and can prove fatal. The vaccination your pet receives allows him to interact freely without the fear of contracting one of the conditions the vaccination prevents.  

Your dog might play at a local dog park and contract the highly contagious distemper from an pet that was in the area or even played with your pet. That might be all it takes for them to fall ill and begin displaying symptoms of infection. 

The same is true of rabies. Your dog or cat may be in your yard and accidentally come into contact with an infected wild animal. All it takes is exposure to a bite for them to contract rabies. Once the disease takes hold of a pet, it may prove fatal if not treated. Vaccinations can prevent this from happening, thus saving your pet's life and eliminating the expense of intensive veterinarian treatment. 

Get Pet Wellness, Pet Health, and Vaccines from Our Veterinarian on Our Veterinary Team

If you want to appropriately care for your pet and improve his quality of life by preventing diseases and illness, contact us today. Our staff can provide you with more information or answers to questions about pet services we offer at our location. You can also call or stop by to shop for items your pet needs or to schedule a consultation or exam. We offer vet services to the communities in our area, including Charlotte, NC, Matthews, NC, Gastonia, NC, Indian Land, SC, and Fort Mill, SC. Call us at (704) 752-7227 for more information.

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