Conditions Treated

At Carolinas Veterinary Medical Hospital we treat a range of conditions and injuries that can affect your pet’s quality of life and overall health in the long run. We recommend pet parents know the scope of our practice to help them along their journey to creating good health and well-being in their furry friends.


Just like humans, pets can develop diabetes too. Fortunately, although it's not a curable pet illness, at our practice, we can manage it and optimize pet wellness through treatments like insulin, oral medications, diet changes, and exercise.


The most common form of arthritis to affect a pet is osteoarthritis—a joint condition that occurs as a pet ages due to wear and tear on the joints. Some pets may develop rheumatoid arthritis over the years, which is an autoimmune disorder where their immune system attacks healthy tissue in the joints. Through medication, lifestyle advice, and surgery in the worst-case scenarios, our vet can assist in helping the pet live with less pain.


While nobody wants to think about their precious pooch or kitty getting cancer, it’s a possibility. Fortunately, through biopsies and other testing, our vet can diagnose the problem. And certain cases of cancer in pets are curable, while we can manage others to help extend the life of the pet and ease their suffering.


Whether it’s from a food they’re ingesting, an item in their environment coming in contact with their skin, or even a particle they’re inhaling, pet allergies can make your pet quite miserable. Through a pet exam that includes a possible allergy test, we can get to the root of the problem and reduce the prevalence of allergy symptoms.

Heart Disease

Through a pet exam that includes taking your pet’s vitals and possibly imaging and bloodwork, our veterinarian can diagnose heart disease. While there’s no cure for pets with heart disease, we can manage it to optimize pet health as much as possible.


Infections cover a broad range of pet illnesses that can cause everything from an oozing wound to a pet flu to a potentially life-threatening virus. Fortunately, we can determine what’s causing the pet illness and provide treatment to help your furry friend. Sometimes, through our pet exam, we’ll find that the best way to help a pet sick with an infection is antibiotics. On the other hand, sometimes the best course of action is to manage the symptoms and slowly get your pet back to their normal self.

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